Monday, 11 April 2016

Stop Motion Films - Gladiator!

Today we finished our Story of the World chapter which describes gladiators in ancient Rome, so it seemed like a good opportunity to make a stop motion film of a gladiator battle.

The children made their first mini-film using a Lego figures a while ago. They jotted down a basic outline of what was going to happen, gathered their characters and drew their scenery, and created a little video. For this video, they used the Lego movie maker app on my ipad, which is very simple to use.

This was the result:

Today, the plan was to make a short video of a number of gladiator fights. The children built an arena out of bricks, then added a Lego mini-figure crowd (including white figures for Roman senators!). They gathered the characters for a number of battles, and we were ready to go.

Carefully moving the figures for each shot.

My ipad wasn't functioning properly, so I set up a camera on a tripod for them to use, and we downloaded the photos and used Windows Movie Maker to put together the finished film. They added a sound track, which made me laugh out loud!

Here it is:

Lots of fun, and a memorable afternoon.

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