Saturday, 23 April 2016

Zoo Trip

Yesterday, we went to the zoo. I have just bought a family membership of London zoo for myself and the children, mostly funded by a generous gift from a family member who wanted to contribute towards something educational for the children. We are still, happily, at the stage where all four of them really enjoy doing the same activities a lot of the time, so this seemed like a good year to have zoo membership.

Four "lions" ready for transport! 

Since this was a slightly damp weekday, there weren't many visitors there. This is definitely one of the best perks of home education - visiting museums or zoos or other attractions when they are much quieter!

We saw penguins and meerkats.



We enjoyed the butterflies. The butterfly tent was also a good place to warm up a bit on a slightly chilly day.


Identifying Butterflies


Another Butterfly

The giraffes were very popular.


There were models of a giraffes skull and a vertebra to handle, as well as various antlers which the zoo staff encouraged my boys to try on!


We also went to one of the zoo talks, where we saw various impressive birds as well as some other creatures showing off what they could do.

Animal Antics Show

Ready to watch the show; more people did arrive, though it was fairly quiet.

The children all really like going to the talks, so we plan to try to get to most or all of them over the year. We are also planning to go to Whipsnade zoo at least once, since that is also included in our membership, and we would all like to see elephants!

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