Monday, 16 May 2016

End of Year Planning

It is part way though the summer term, and I am at the stage of working out if we will actually be able to finish all the work that I had planned for the year.

Overall, we are on target, and should finish most subjects with time to spare. The children always appreciate the gradual lightening of their workload as the summer holiday approaches.

However, we are a little short on time for finishing the maths books for the older two, and for finishing their grammar work for the year. The plan (which they have agreed to) is to double up maths lessons until their maths books are finished, and then to double up on grammar once they have finished the work for some of their other subjects. This should be enough to finish on time, and hopefully a little early for most subjects.

Counting available work days.
My 7 year old is already ahead in his maths, but when given the option of doing extra maths like the older boys, he insisted that he wanted to do so. This should mean that he will finish his current book before the summer.

In the past, they have voluntarily doubled up on their work so that the summer break can begin earlier. This works well as by this stage they are usually finishing their work quicker as they are confident at working at the level they are at. The sunny days and warmer weather also act as a helpful reminder of how much they are looking forward to the long summer break, and they are happy to work a little harder to gain more free days.

Enjoying the sunshine.

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