Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Reflections - 3

Over the last week, we have celebrated two birthdays. We visited my husband's family last Saturday to celebrate my mother-in-law's 70th birthday. It was good to spend some time with the wider family, and for our children to see their cousins.

Later in the week, we had a 7th birthday. My third son clearly takes after his father, who studied maths for his first (3!) degrees, and requested a maths themed cake. He wrote down the sums he wanted, all of which make 7 as the answer:

Birthday Sums

I then iced them onto cupcakes (his favourite cake), and arranged them in the shape of a number 7. This is definitely one of the easier birthday cake requests we've had!


He invited some of his favourite people from church, two older ladies who he is very fond of, and the husband of one of the ladies was also included. I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more. It was also an easier that average 7 year old's party; two octogenarians and one ninety year old are somewhat easier guests than a lively bunch of 7 year old children.

Now 7, blowing out his candles.

This week has also featured visits from friends and trips to the park.


...and digging.

Our caterpillars have all become chrysalises.

All 5 caterpillars did make it to chrysalises.

In between these activities, we have managed a fairly full week of our usual book work. Our history has now reached Rome again, so the children made mosaic coasters.

Mosaic Coasters

We had our home schooling group again today, and focussed on Papua New Guinea. This was a tougher country to find activities for, but the children had fun making collage pictures of birds of paradise.

Bird of Paradise Collage in Progress

The warmer weather has been much appreciated, and we are already out in the garden even more than usual. This evening my eldest re-stained the decking outside our back door for us, while my husband cut the grass.

Painting the Decking

Although we have had plenty of visitors this week, and two birthdays, we have had a relatively ordinary week in terms of their work, and we have made some good progress.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to check that we can actually manage to finish all the work I aimed to complete for the year by the end of this term. I'm pretty sure we'll make it, but I like to make absolutely certain at this stage when there is still time to make necessary adjustments.

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