Monday, 23 May 2016

His Love Endures Forever by Garry Williams

Yesterday I finished reading His Love Endures Forever by Garry Williams. Life is busy - there are many calls on my time and energy - so I have to be intentional if I am going to read at all. This book was well worth the effort.

His Love Endures Forever is, as the title suggests, a careful exploration of what the Bible teaches us about the love of God. The truth that "God is Love" is unpacked within its Biblical framework, so that, as you read, you get a rich picture of the character of God, and of his love for his people.

Why was this book so helpful?

1. Engaging. I like to read books that make me think, but at the end of a long day, or in a precious half hour gap in the afternoon, picking up a Christian book rather than a novel (or flicking through BBC news) isn't easy. This book, however, I found hooked me in quickly every time I picked it up. Each chapter often begins with a story or anecdote which sets up the arguments that follow. which I found made it easy to settle into the book each time. It is written in an accessible and engaging way, although the content is deep and mind-stretching.

2. Rich Theology. I loved the careful Biblical explanations of the nature of God's love - such as how God's love is timeless, all-knowing, just. The arguments are careful, and rooted in scripture. Difficult concepts are explored, but in a clear way. Each chapter is broken up into manageable chunks by sub-headings, which I found made it easier to keep track of the arguments

3. Meditation. In this book, the reader is encouraged not just to study the character of God in an academic way, but to wonder at the love of God, to reflect on his love and meditate on the beauty of God himself. Each chapter ends with a section for meditation and reflection, including a prayer.

I found this an encouraging read, and I'd highly recommend it as a great book to get you thinking about God's love, and how his love is different from and greater in every way than human love, and to get you marvelling at our great God.

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