Wednesday, 22 June 2016

10 things that (probably) wouldn't happen in school....

1) You work with your pet hamster on your shoulder, or wandering round your desk.

Spelling Work with a Hamster to Help

2) You can go to the park almost every day, and it's usually quiet.

The Park Today

3) A sudden hailstorm means that everyone grabs raincoats and dashes outside.

4) If you finish your work early, you can enjoy a spontaneous trip to the zoo.

Fun at the Zoo

5) You find your little sister has drawn on your work.

6) You can double up on your maths lessons so you can have an early summer break.

7) 1-1 teaching in every subject.

8) Your siblings are among your best companions and friends.

Fun Times Together

9) Reading the Bible is a core part of your education.

10) You may be able to negotiate not to work on your birthday.

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