Friday, 3 June 2016

Friday Reflections - 6

We have been working this week, although most people are taking a break for half term. This has been a long half term, and we are all exhausted. However, we have managed to get quite a bit done, and had some fun along the way in spite of this.

On Saturday, we visited my grandparents. They had celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary a few days earlier, so we visited in order to mark the occasion. The cake which my Mum had ordered for their celebrations had turned up late, so they saved it for our visit - and it was both beautiful and extremely tasty!

Diamond Anniversary Cake

My eldest makes board games as a hobby, and has recently spent the last few weeks making a Dr. Who version on Monopoly which we played together.

Dr,Who Monopoly

We had friends round on Monday for a Latin lesson (I am teaching Latin to their children), and for lunch. We also had visitors for the afternoon on Wednesday, so the children have enjoyed having their friends round to play.

We also explored a new adventure playground this week (with more friends). It is quite local to us, but only open on Saturdays or during the school holidays. It has bigger equipment than most of our usual parks as it is designed for older children, which was lots of fun for the older boys. My daughter, though only 4, loved it too. Her favourite bit was the ladders, which wasn't great for my nerves - but she was fine.

In an attempt to keep some fun in our week in spite of our tiredness, we made a dreidel from The Story of the World activity guide as part of our session on the Jewish nation. We used the rules from the book and lots of smarties to play the game after tea, and it was popular. Eating smarties afterwards was also popular.

Playing with our Dreidel

The Dreidel

I have also started a new crochet blanket. I have let my eldest choose a blanket for me to make for him, and he has chosen a simple stripe blanket. Conveniently, he wanted the same colours I used for my last blanket, except for purple, so I have already started it.

A New Blanket

Although I have had a quiet week in many ways, as we haven't had meetings in our home this week, I have been preparing for Young Church today. After a long term, and a tiring week, putting together visual aids and activities feels like a slog, not a joy. However, I know it is a privilege to be involved in teaching children from God's Word, and this is what keeps me going. Serving Without Sinking was a very helpful book for me as I fit in ministry at church with ministry to my own family.

Young Church Preparation

Today, I realised that the children really were shattered, so I reduced their work down to the essentials, though they still had their rooms to clean as it's Friday. They are currently crashed out in front of a film with some popcorn - a very well earned treat.

I'm also making everyone's favourite dinner - chilli - in celebration of reaching the end of this long half term.

Now we have TWO WEEKS off. We are off to North Wales next week, where we have booked a teepee to stay in. This is the closest to camping that my husband will consider - I just hope he likes it! It is on a camp-site that I spent many of my childhood holidays on, so I am really looking forward to a bit of nostalgia. We are also planning to climb Snowdon - I will report back on how we get on!

After 3 nights in a teepee, we are heading off to stay in Appleby (in a house!) for a week. We are looking forward to escaping the city, spending time outdoors, and rest.

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