Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday Reflections - 8

We have arrived home, and once again back to life in London - somewhat different from our break in Wales and then the Lake District.

After a few days under canvas, it was good to enjoy a week in a house too. We visited a church in Keswick for the Sunday service, then had a picnic by Derwent Water afterwards. The children played in the water or read books, Michael went for a run, and I managed to read too for a while. It was a very restful Sunday.

Paddling in Derwent Water

On Monday, we visited Aira Force. We have been here quite often with the children over the years, and I mentally thought the walk would take us a little while. After only ten minutes, we had reached the waterfall. I think it took longer when we had toddlers with us! We extended our walk further upstream, and the older two boys managed to lead us up a bit of a hill too.

Aira Force

After our successful climbing of Snowdon, we all wanted to tackle another mountain. We made it up Helvellyn, which was very satisfying. The weather was perfect, and we could see the spectacular views from the top. We went up the most straightforward route as our youngest is only 4, but perhaps we'll consider Striding Edge in a few years.

Helvellyn - we made it!
At the top of Snowdon the previous week; a bit cloudy, but still brilliant fun.

Two mountains in a week was an achievement for us all, but especially for my 4 year old, who showed a lot of stamina.

We also had a good day with my dad and his wife - the children always love to spend time with their grandparents. They got grubby building sandcastles, spotted oyster catchers and herons, and had fish and chips for tea - happy times for all of us.

Playing in the Sand

Happy Times!

Now we're back. We love to go away, but there is something satisfying about being home, and ready to go again. We have a 9th birthday this weekend, and we hit our final half term of work on Monday, so there is plenty to do. After a genuinely refreshing break, I feel much more motivated to press on with the tasks and responsibilities that I am called to, both at home and at church.

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