Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Reflections - 13

A week of sunshine, our first week of the summer break has meant the children gradually relaxing with more time to play and read and create. Although I have plenty of chores, we still have lots of time for rest and fun together.

At home, everyone has been reading. The three boys all now read for pleasure of their own volition (my 4 year old isn't quite up to reading to herself yet), but the summer reading challenge definitely spurs them on. My eldest has already read 12 books out of the 30 that I have set him, including more challenging works such as Sophie's World and Robinson Crusoe. Obviously, I love having book-loving children - but I am going to struggle to keep up with the need for new reading material. I have completed just one book, but I have started two more. 

We had a pleasant family walk along the Thames last Saturday, followed by ice cream (always a hit).

A View on our Walk

Plenty to See

We have still had time for plenty of playing. Many board games have been played already.

Setting Up Labyrinth
On request, I got out the paints and our easel. 

Happy Painting

A Productive Morning!

My eldest built a model city in our spare room out of a variety of toys.

A Mini-Museum
We have also had our paddling pool out. It is now quite old, and full of holes; our garden is also on a slope. This meant that the pool didn't stay inflated and full of water for long, but lots of fun was had anyway. We had friends round to join us one day too, which added to the excitement.

Paddling Pool

I also taught my last Latin class of this academic year to some friends who have been coming once a fortnight this year for a Latin lesson. They have done well, and it is encouraging to see the progress they have made over the year.

As an end of term treat, I took the children to see a special exhibition about dinosaurs at the Horniman Museum, which is a few minutes walk from our house. It isn't a huge exhibition, but there are some interesting things to see (mainly dinosaur eggs), and some enjoyable activities. There are a number of exhibits that can be touched, which the children were pleased about.

Digging for Dinosaurs

I also managed a trip to the British Museum with my 10 year old. We went with good friends, and visited the Sunken Cities -Egypt's Lost Worlds exhibition, which was an excellent way to spend an afternoon. We had a picnic tea in the park before heading home, tired but happy.

Museum Fun

Finally, I finished my crochet blanket after we arrived home. Very satisfying!

A Finished Blanket

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