Saturday, 30 July 2016

Friday Reflections - 14

We left for Keswick very early this morning, and spent the evening playing in Derwent Water with the friends that we go to the convention with each year. We all enjoy the complete change of environment, and the beautiful surroundings of the Lakes.

Our summer weeks at home are a mixture of jobs, trips out, seeing friends, and activities - spontaneous and planned - at home.

We have visited the zoo again, and this time we saw the Galapagos tortoises, which are very impressive creatures.

One project left from last term was making our lapbooks for Oceania and Antarctica, so we had a pleasant afternoon of cutting and sticking.

I have begun working through my lengthy lists of tasks by organising some of my home education shelves. I've swapped out the books for last year and replaced them with material that I already have for the coming year. I have also ordered lots of curriculum for next year. In addition, I have managed to sell some materials that we no longer need, which has been very satisfying.

Reading has continued. They are all already about half way through their whole reading challenge, though I think our holiday may slow them down a bit. I've given my eldest a couple more challenging Victorian novels (ones I thought he'd enjoy) to slow him down too, though I made it clear that if he didn't like them or found them too hard, he should give up and wait til he's older. I don't want him to plough through books he's not ready for yet. However, he's taken Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone in his stride, and is currently halfway through Dickens' David Copperfield and enjoying it.

Thursday meant packing for holiday, which went fairly smoothly, and taking delivery of a new washing after our old one finally gave up earlier in the week. I am glad that we won't be arriving home from holiday without a washing machine at home!

I am still enjoying crochet, and have begun a new blanket for my next son. Again, he has chosen the pattern and the colours.

My eldest brought his blanket on holiday for snuggling, so I'm glad he likes it (unless he's humouring me!).

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