Saturday, 6 August 2016

Friday Reflections - 15

We have spent this last week in Keswick in the Lake District, where we have been to the Keswick Convention once again.

Last Saturday, we climbed Skiddaw together. We always stay in Keswick with another family, and their 9 year old was also keen to climb, so we had an extra child with us too. We chose Saturday as the forecast was reasonable, and we had the whole day free before the morning meetings began, but we ended up in the cloud at the top, and it was pretty windy, wet and cold! Nonetheless, everyone managed to make it to the top, mostly cheerfully, and there was still a great sense of achievement.

The Top of Skiddaw

As usual, we had more than one chance to play in the lake. The children colonised an "island" (a clump of rocks just in the lake) and had great fun defending it.

Later in the week, we climbed Catbells together. Climbing this small mountain is a yearly tradition which we all look forward to. The weather was perfect, and we had spectacular views. There is a bit of scrambling involved, which the children all particularly enjoy. This year, I took my eldest and a friend on a little further to the next crag after the peak of Catbells. If we'd had more time, we may have walked on, but instead we turned back on ourselves, and managed to catch up with the rest of the party who had made a more leisurely descent.

Climbing Catbells

The Top of Catbells

Beyond Catbells!

Unfortunately, two of my children (the youngest and the eldest) ended up ill during the week, with some sort of virus. Each spent a day in bed (one after the other) with a nasty temperature. The youngest slept with short breaks for Calpol for about 20 hours; the eldest was in bed for a similar length of time, and watched 3 films, played on the kindle fire, and (when almost better but still in bed) finished reading David Copperfield. No one else fell ill, though, and although both children missed a day of activities, it felt like a blip in a good week, not like it spoiled our holiday.

While my eldest was ill I stayed behind while the rest of the household went on the Keswick launch across the lake. They engaged in our now traditional activity of dam building there.

Dam Building

We had also squeezed in a bit of dam building earlier in the week, so my eldest had a chance to build a dam too.

More Dam Building

The 3 boys also had a go at a climbing wall which is often set up in the centre of Keswick. £2 for two climbs makes this a fairly inexpensive treat. The two older boys climbed to the top. The 7 year old didn't get high, but he was very determined to keep trying, and enjoyed himself!

Climbing Wall

A Determined Climber

Nearly at the Top

Our main reason for heading to Keswick, however, is so that we can benefit from the Bible teaching throughout the week. This week, the main Bible readings were from Isaiah, and were very helpful, Christ focused, and encouraging. The children were all studying Isaiah in their groups too, and had a fantastic time. They look forward to these groups all year, and come home full of all that they have learned and all the activities they have enjoyed.

During our long car journey home, amidst some grumpiness with 4 tired, hot children in a car for a number of hours, we also had a lovely long chat about prophecy in the Bible inspired by all the teaching in Keswick. We pray that what we and our children have been learning this week in Keswick will bear fruit in our lives as we grow in knowledge of Jesus.

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