Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday Reflections - 16

This week my daughter has been having swimming lessons daily. Largely this is due to the fact that we have been unable to get her into any of the weekly classes as they are oversubscribed. Since I have needed to be at the swimming pool mid morning Monday to Friday, we have, by necessity had a quieter week. She has really enjoyed her lessons, though, and I hope that at some point she will be able to have regular sessions.

One big plus of having my husband working from home is that I haven't had to drag all 4 children to the swimming pool each day. I have taken one boy along each day so that there are only 2 left at home. If there are only 2, they are almost guaranteed to play happily for the whole time I am out, whereas leaving 3 is more likely to mean that my husband is interrupted! My 9 year old and 7 year old have enjoyed trips to the library (next door to the pool), while my 10 year old has been able to go swimming himself in the main pool since he is confident swimmer now and can go unaccompanied.

Otherwise, the children have continued to read, with all 4 of them now having completed their silver awards. We are in danger of running out of books for my eldest soon...and I need to think of a small prize for the gold awards imminently!

I have been continuing with my reading too. In particular, I have read A New Name by Emma Scrivener, which was a beautifully written, honest, Jesus-focused, gospel-centred description of the author's experience of suffering from anorexia.

I have also been busy clearing and cleaning our home education room/dining room. I've removed some clutter and ordered new pens and art materials for next year, and it is looking much better. We've still a few weeks to go til we're back at work, but it is satisfying to see the books and materials neatly on the shelves (for now!).

At present, Michael's parents are staying with us for a few days. We went to a local park for a picnic today, where we met up with a couple of other families from our home education group. Tomorrow we will all go to London Zoo for the day, which children and adults alike are eagerly anticipating.

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