Monday, 29 August 2016

September Wobbles

Today I found myself worrying that our planned trip to Legoland with the children clashed with the harvest moon this year. Seriously. I'm always a bit on edge as the new academic year draws near - so much to do and to plan and to arrange - but I realised that this was verging on the ridiculous!

I have spent much of the summer break planning, cleaning, sorting, and preparing for the year ahead. I think  we are ready - but there are so many different areas of life that I am trying to hold together that my mind is constantly flitting from one thing to another that I need to be organising or arranging.

What's on my mind?

How we structure our days.

How I will fit in the new subjects I've added for this year.

A new book group for younger children that I'm going to run.

Diary planning; already I am booking in visits, activities, days out for the whole term - and its a little overwhelming.

Making sure I keep up with my marking better this year.

Above all, I know just how hectic life will become over the next couple of weeks. Our evenings will once again be filled with Bible studies and prayer meetings. The days will be filled with teaching and trips out. Even our Saturdays are getting booked up quickly.

I feel like I am just about holding everything together, and that if I lose concentration for a moment, it will all come crashing down!

In truth, I know that my worries are misplaced, and not just because I have planned well. When I focus on the structures and lists and making sure that I am in control, I lose focus on the key things - my relationship with my children, with my husband, and, above all, with the Lord.

The reality is that this means slowing down a little to listen to a child, read them a story that isn't on the plan for the day, pray with them; it means taking time to chat to my husband, not just put dates in the diary together; it means making sure I start the day in my Bible, not in a fluster of activity to make sure that we start off on track for the day.

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