Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Year 1 - The Plan

My daughter has only just turned 5, so I am not especially worried about pushing her too hard academically at the moment. If she were in school, she would be in Year 1 (and probably the youngest in her year), but my plan for her is based on what I think she is ready for rather than what she "should" be doing.

Here's the plan:


Bible Time. I plan to start working through the Bible with her, along with her 7 year old brother.

In addition, we will have family devotions led by Michael over breakfast. We have also started reading through the Bible with her 1 chapter a night since she turned 5. At the moment, we are reading through Mark's gospel.

(See here for more about how we teach the Bible to our children, and here for how we read through the whole Bible with each of our children.)


All About Reading Level 1
(All About Spelling, once All About Reading Level 1 has been completed)

I have written about All About Reading and All About Spelling here.


Singapore Maths 1A
Mental Maths


The Story of the World 2 - The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance

(I have written about this curriculum here)


An art project once a week (sometimes as part of our history programme).
We plan to use lessons from ArtAchieve for at least some weeks.


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Vol.1 (I've written about this here.)
Exploring Nature with Children (New for this year.)

Year 1 Books

This is not a huge step up from last year, though I plan to try to work on reading for a little longer at a time as she seems ready. She will still have plenty of time for playing, listening to stories, and messing about in the garden.

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