Thursday, 18 August 2016

Year 5 - The Plan

My 9 year old would be in Year 5 if he went to school. Here is what I have planned for the coming year:


XTB Bible notes.

Bible Time. We have been working through the Bible in chunks. We are part-way through the Psalms at the moment, and will continue from where we left off.

In addition, we will have family devotions led by Michael over breakfast. He is also reading through the Bible on his own, working through different books at a time.

(See here for more about how we teach the Bible to our children.)


Spelling Workout E
Rod & Staff Building Christian English 5, Following the Plan
Writing with Ease 3
Set Reading
All About Spelling (I have written about this here.)

Some of our Year 5 Books


Singapore Maths 5A
Mental Maths


The Story of the World 2 - The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance

(I have written about this curriculum here)


Latin Prep Book 1 (continued)


Programming (
Touch typing


An art project once a week (sometimes as part of our history programme).
We plan to use lessons from ArtAchieve for at least some weeks.


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Vol. 2 (I've written about this here.)
Exploring Nature with Children (New for this year.)



This is the formal work I have planned. In addition, there is our home education group where we are focusing on different countries (geography!), trips out to museums and other places of interest, archaeology club, swimming lessons, and a wide range of reading on many different subjects.

We still have a couple of weeks left before we begin again, but it is satisfying to have the books lined up and ready to go.

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