Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday Reflections - 21

We are at the end of our second week back this term; we've had walks, work, church evening groups beginning at our house again, and a trip to Legoland.

Our Legoland trip was today. After a week of unseasonably hot days, we managed to pick a pretty damp day for our trip, but we quite like the rain, so that was no problem! Perhaps because of the weather in part, and certainly because it is September in term-time, the queues for rides were extremely short, and the children were able to go on their favourite ones a number of times. All our children are now big enough (and brave enough) to go on everything, and the two older boys are tall enough to be unaccompanied, which meant it was a straightforward trip. We all had a good day out together.

Other highlights of the week included our nature walk again. We went first thing on Wednesday before it got really warm, and spent some time hunting for bugs, and then drawing them.

We continued our bug theme with out art lesson this week. We used the Hungarian Insects lesson from ArtAchieve. This was very well received, and after the lesson, they have been using every break possible to draw more insects. There are now pictures of bugs all over the house.

Another week passed, and I am pleased it has gone well. I am also really tired, and I know I need to make sure that I can sustain my energy levels over the term somehow. Tomorrow, my Mum has the children for a few hours so Michael and I can go for walk together, so I am hoping that we hit next week a little refreshed and ready to go again.

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