Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday Reflections - 23

This week we have had a mixture of better and worse days!

Last weekend, the older two boys headed off to Archaeology Club while I took the younger two to the park to watch Michael join in the Park Run before heading off to the playground and the cafe.

Michael also spent some time in the garden with the children. We have huge trouble protecting our crops from squirrels, who have eaten everything from unripe strawberries to the heads of the sunflowers my daughter planted (only one survived!). However, a tiny (!) supply of carrots made it through:

Carrots. Not quite enough to see us through the winter...

We are getting better at covering everything in netting. 

Michael also planted some bulbs with the children. And yes, in spite of the netting, a lot of them were dug up by the next day. Re-planting has happened, and more secure netting added - we'll see what survives. 

Gardening is not a strength in the Peach household - but we hope to improve a little.

We have had some pleasant times this week. The children are still enjoying our nature walks, trips to the park, and our art lessons.

Dragonfly Painting 

Painting in Action

Sketching a Tree

Park Fun

My daughter enjoyed making buns this week too. She enjoys cooking, and is very happy to get her hands mucky with some dough.

Happy Baker

A couple of the children were a bit under the weather this week too; nothing serious, just a bit of a temperature and a bit tired. They had a bit of extra rest, and I cut our work a little short on Thursday, and everyone is recovered now. They have been working pretty hard, so lightening up a little one day was good for them in any case.

On Sunday, my eldest will turn 11, and tomorrow he is having a much anticipated birthday party with a Doctor Who theme. I have spent quite a bit of today baking a Dalek birthday cake (with a cake mould he received as a present last Christmas), so we hope that all will go well tomorrow.

Dalek cake so far...

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