Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Reflections - 24

As I look back at the week, there have been a mixture of highs and lows, laughter and tears. All the children are a little weary, as am I. I have been more snappy than I should be, and that hasn't helped.

The Lord, however, is faithful and there in the midst of sadness and frustration, and there in the funny moments and happy times.

As a parent, the hardest times often come when helping the children to grow up living for the Lord, and acting rightly. Day in day out discipline and prayer and hard work is weary, and often frustrating, work. It's been a tough week on that front.

We also celebrated a birthday at the beginning of the week, as my eldest turned 11. He had his friends round for a Doctor Who themed birthday party on the Saturday, and we celebrated his actual birthday more quietly on Sunday with presents before church. He had a great time, and we survived a party full of very excited children!

The Birthday Boy

Dalek Cake

On a less cheerful note, one night this week our 5 year old appeared in our room at 2 am and threw up all over the floor. I cleaned her up, my husband cleaned the carpet thoroughly. One now fairly perky 5 year old went back to sleep. Half an hour later, our 7 year old did pretty much the same thing, though he managed to be sick over a much larger area of the house!

Hideous though this was, we are grateful that both of them had made a complete recovery by mid morning the next day, and no one else was struck down. The children had a day off work (though I got them to watch a nature documentary, just to make sure that we were still doing some education...).

Before the sickness hit, I decided that a day at the zoo was needed, as the children are genuinely quite tired. We had a lovely day. The zoo was quiet, and we discovered a couple of sections that we haven't visited before, including a farm area where you can stroke the goats. This was very popular.

A goat!

By this morning, everyone was back to strength, and able to have a normal Friday's work. We normally have a slightly lighter workload on Friday, so this was about right. This afternoon we had our home education group meeting, and we focused on Lithuania. We enjoyed a fantastic presentation about this country presented by a Lithuanian family who are members of our group, enjoyed Lithuanian snacks provided by the same family, and had a couple of craft activities.

The older children voted for which they thought were the best science books, concluding their work as a judging panel for the Young People's Book Prize, and the younger book group enjoyed discussing Emil and the Detectives, albeit with a couple of games thrown in to keep the children attentive.

We've made it to the end of the working week. I have a busy day tomorrow at a training event for Sunday school teachers, and Sunday will be fairly full as ever. The week after that looks unusually busy. Right now, this feels pretty daunting off the back of a difficult few days.

Hard as that feels, it also reminds me again to lean on Christ, to entrust the week to Him, to serve my family in his strength.

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