Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday Reflections - 27

While most children have been enjoying a half term break, we have been working for some of the time. We are on holiday in about 10 days (yes, we're counting), so we have been getting a bit of work done this week.

The children are still enjoying their daily trips out to get some fresh air, though the older two are often taking books with them.

They found a good reading spot.

We have pressed on with our core work of English, maths, history, Latin and so forth, but we also had time for a more relaxed drawing lesson on Wednesday afternoon. Again, we followed a lesson from ArtAchieve, and the children drew dragons. They really look forward to these lessons, and I found them all drawing more dragons first thing the next day.

Dragon Drawing

On Wednesday evening, we watched the Bake Off final together. My eldest made pumpkin pie. I wouldn't of though of it, but he remembered trying some a couple of years ago and wanted to bake one. It went down very well - and tasted much better than I expected.


Pumpkin Pie

We took Thursday and Friday off. The children are tired, I'm tired, and it seemed like the right thing to do.

They spent time playing games together, or drawing, or building Lego. My 9 year old has completed his board game design for the Brainbox competition that he wants to enter, and, as ever, books have been read.

Settlers of Catan (with a hamster).

I have also managed to finish a crochet blanket, read some books, and make our Christmas cake - so I have some sense of achievement this week!

Finished blanket!

Already in use...
Christmas Cake

The highlight, however, was accidentally discovering an excellent rope swing in one of the woods near us. We all had lots of fun, and I suspect will visit this swing often.

11 year old in action

Yes, I let the children "look after my phone" while I had a go!

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