Friday, 4 November 2016

Friday Reflections - 28

Next week we are going away to Center Parcs, for a holiday - and we are very much looking forward to getting away for a bit. This week has been a fairly normal week, with a bonus trip to the zoo with some of my family. It was a glorious autumn day, and the children enjoyed playing with their toddler cousins as well as exploring the zoo again.

Going to the zoo on a lovely day.

We celebrated Reformation Day on Monday too, which the children now see as a tradition for every year. I may look for a new book to read next year, though I will have to be organised in advance.

Our 5 year old is still enjoying her cooking each week as we follow the Bake through the Bible book. This week we made cookies with Biblical promises in them to remind us of the promises that God made to Abraham.

Promise Cookies

The children have spent quite a lot of their time making gifts for Yoda the hamster, including a see-saw and a bridge to climb on. Apparently they are planning to make a winter wonderland for hamsters in a cardboard box!

A bridge for a hamster.

This week, I have managed to make our Christmas pudding, and start a new blanket for our 7 year old.

The next blanket.

We finished this week with our home education group, where we focused on Spain. The children made fans, castanets (using paper plates), and biscuits with the Spanish flag design on them.

Spanish flag biscuit.

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