Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday Reflections - 30

After a week away, I usually plan a full timetable of work. When everyone is rested, then it is a good opportunity to work hard, and still have the energy for getting out and about or doing extra activities.

This week, we have enjoyed our nature walk, looking for lichen then drawing it.

Drawing Lichen

My daughter still considers our Bake Through The Bible sessions one of the highlights of the week. She was very determined to manage as much as possible on her own when we made bread rolls together.

Making Bread Dough

In our history, we have been reading some of the stories from 1001 Arabian Nights, and made snakes as a craft to go with the story of Sinbad in the Valley of the Snakes.

Drawing Snake Designs

A Snake!

This afternoon, we went for a walk with some of the families that attend our home education group. We walked in the woods, had a go on the rope swing, then headed to a local playground for a bit. It is great to see children of a wide spread of ages getting on well and enjoying the outdoors together. 

My older two are currently at the theatre with their grandparents, watching Aladdin. I am pleased that this fits in well with our history this week (by chance, not design!), and they have been very excited about this special trip out. 

We are back into the thick of home life and church life this week; our days have been full, and our evenings too. Christmas planning is beginning in earnest, and I can see a hectic few weeks ahead. I find it all a bit overwhelming trying to keep on top of all the different aspects of life at times, and I am conscious that I need to make sure that I keep depending on the Lord through it all. Otherwise, I will become proud when I keep it together, despair when I fail, as well as a bit grumpy and possibly resentful of those I am trying to serve.

I read Matthew 20 to my daughter tonight, and hearing Jesus' words about his coming to serve, not to be served, and his call for us to have the same attitude was a helpful and timely corrective for me.

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