Saturday, 26 November 2016

Friday Reflections - 31

Last Saturday, I spent the day at an Italian cookery course with my mum, my birthday present from her. We cooked and ate some beautiful food, learned some new skills and recipes, and the washing up was done for us. It was a lovely day out, and something of a change from routine.

Osso Buco 


Afterwards, I went home and finished preparing for Young Church by making "ephod biscuits" for an activity - not quite the same level of skill required! I was teaching the later part of the story of Gideon, where he makes a golden ephod which the Israelites worship.

Ephod biscuits (good enough for the activity!)

The rest of the week has been filled with our usual activities, plus a visit for the afternoon from my sister and her two young children. It is fun to have a two year old around, and our children entertained her with the hamster and the guinea pigs.

My 7 year old has also just moved on to 4th Grade maths (for 9-10 year olds), and is still taking it in his stride and loving it. By way of contrast, my 5 year old is on her second week of the same maths lesson, as she really needs to practice some basic skills. Home education is great for both these situations. Incidentally, my 5  year old is actually really encouraged that the more she practices something, the easier it becomes. A little bit of struggle is a good thing in many ways.

Finally, Friday afternoon meant we met for our home education group, where we focused on Russia. I prepared three activities, but the option of making your own Faberge egg was the only one that was chosen! Sometimes it works that way - I can't always predict what will be popular.

My 7 year old's Faberge eggs.
Next week, Advent begins and the build up towards Christmas starts in earnest. We aim to not let things get too manic (though they will be busy) and to keep our focus on Jesus at the heart of all we do.

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