Monday, 12 December 2016

Books, books, books - reading plans for 2017

Now that I have three good readers - my 11, 9 and 7 year olds - I am constantly on the lookout for more books for them, and more ways to inspire them to keep on reading widely.

I am planning to attempt this reading challenge next year. I was chatting to Michael about it, and the boys were interested, and now they have decided that they'd like to have a go too. Clearly, they will be reading books appropriate to their ages and abilities, and the seven year old, at least, will only be aiming at reading at the Light Reader level. However, it has been fun thinking of appropriate books for them!

Boys Reading

Over the next few weeks, I'll help the boys get together a pile of books each to cover the first level, and I will do the same. Michael has also said that he will aim for the Light Reader level (mainly as he has lots of other reading to do). Once they have chosen their books, I'll write about their plans - and later on I'll let you know how they get on. I imagine that there will be initial enthusiasm, but we'll see if they manage to keep going.

As for me - I am hoping to manage the Committed Level - but realistically this will be a stretch for me if I want to read anything else as well! I will start alongside the boys, and I too will have to see if I can keep going.

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