Friday, 6 January 2017

Friday Reflections - 37

On New Year's Day, we headed off to visit some friends who had us to stay over night, along with another family (also good friends). The children all get on well too, with some children who are particularly close to each other, so it was a fun (if noisy at times!) couple of days.

We have had a fairly quiet rest of the week. We are not starting back to work properly until Monday as I felt that we needed the whole week to rest and to get the house sorted after Christmas. We all cleaned the house together, including de-Christmasing everywhere; the children cleaned out their pets, wrote their thank you letters, and had plenty of time to rest too.

I also took the children for a day out to the zoo to get some fresh air and have some fun together. I was freezing, but the children seemed fine. Picnics in January are certainly economical, but have to be consumed in haste as I get very cold.

At The Zoo

My daughter and I also made time to do the next session from Bake Through The Bible, which involved learning about the Ten Commandments and making ice lollies. The link between the cooking and the Bible story was slightly more tenuous than usual, but the activity and the Bible story were both received with enthusiasm nonetheless!

Making Ice Lollies

Eating An Ice Lolly

 Although we don't start back to work properly until next week, we had our first home education group meeting today. We are doing activities based on various countries in North and Central America this term, and today our focus was on Canada.

Canada Cakes and Maple Syrup Fudge

A Fimo Beaver

We have all been looking forward to starting our Christian Reading Challenge for the year, and everyone has begun their reading. As I have had a quieter than average week, I have actually managed to finish two books and start a couple more. I'm particularly enjoying reading Expository Thoughts on Mark by J.C.Ryle each day. I also found The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield an excellent, challenging and insightful read.

After a fairly quiet week, plunging back into all our activities next week is a little daunting. We are ready to get going again, though, and I feel that we have had enough of a break to refresh us ready for another full term.

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