Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday Reflections - 38

Our usual routines have begun again, and we have had a busy week with work. As ever, I like to start with a full week while everyone is full of energy, and the children have managed to get a lot done.

We have started studying the Vikings in our history, which is fun. My daughter thought that "flat bottomed boats" were hilarious - so we ended up with lots of giggles every time they were mentioned!

Colouring a "flat bottomed boat".

My eldest has moved from doing 4 days of Latin and 1 day of Greek to doing 3 days of Greek and 2 days of Latin for this term. He's really enjoying the change. I plan to do both evenly in the summer term - but I'll see how this term goes before I decide. The aim is to really consolidate his Latin for a term before moving on to the next level, while pushing on with Greek a bit.

We have also maintained out walks most days, in spite of some pretty grim weather. The children don't really mind the rain, and it is good to get out.

A Wet Walk

We've still had time for plenty of baking. Last Saturday, the three boys spent the day baking so that we could have afternoon tea together. My 9 year old made mini chocolate gateaux from a cookery book that we gave him for Christmas, my 7 year old made scones, and my 11 year old made shortbread biscuits using his new Dr.Who cookie cutters. It took most of the day, but was very enjoyable. The children are keen that we do this again some time!


Today my 7 year old made cupcakes for us.

My 7 Year Old Baking

More Cake!

Today we also had an art lesson from ArtAchieve. These have been extremely popular, and once again the children were able to produce some very striking pictures.

Drawing the Designs

Colouring with Oil Pastels

The Finished Pictures

Our church meetings have begun again. Although it is busier, it is also a real encouragement to meet up with our church family during the week, and it is good to be having those regular Bible studies and prayer meetings again.

I am still finding time to read, and enjoying the reading challenge that we are doing - though we are only in the second week, so I have a long way to go! More work for the children also means I'm getting more crochet done as I sit and listen to them or read out sentences for spelling, or supervise an art lesson. I'm not far off finishing my 7 year old's blanket, which he is pleased about.

It has also been a week for running success and (minor!) disaster; I have almost managed to complete the couch to 5k running programme, with my final run in the 9 week course tomorrow morning. It has been surprisingly fun! Michael, however, managed to fall quite badly during a run, and got a nasty cut on his head. We were very grateful for a friend from our church who appeared 10 minutes after a text at 8 a.m. to take him to the Minor Injuries Unit where his cut was glued. He now has an impressive black eye, but is otherwise fine!

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