Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Reflections - 42

We've already reached half term - and though it has been a short half term, we will be grateful for a week to rest (the children) and regroup (me)!

This week, my daughter asked if she could make cake with me - chocolate cake in particular. We tried out Mary Berry's easy brownie recipe, and the results were very pleasing.

Greasing the Tin

Cracking Eggs

She and my 9 year old also spent quite a while reading his recipe books together, and have made a joint list of cakes and other treats that they would like to produce. It looks like they will be well occupied during our half term break.

Science has also been popular this week. Michael was teaching the younger two about friction, which involved partially dismantling the coffee table and racing cars down it!

Science Lesson

We also went on a nature walk, and successfully managed to dig up a worm for the children to examine and then draw.

Here they are, listening to E.Nesbit stories on their mp3 players while sitting on a wall in a field of mud, each drawing a worm:

Mud, worms, art, & stories.

An image which in many ways typifies our family life!

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