Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday Reflections - 43

We have had a break for half term here, which has meant a quiet few days. Unusually, Michael has had a week with very few church activities, so he has been less busy too. I enjoy the more restful times, and I know that I need weeks like this last one if I am going to be able to keep going in the longer term. However, I also find that I can get a bit anxious that I'm somehow missing something - that there is some responsibility I am neglecting or some chore I have forgotten. It is also easy to feel a false guilt about being able to sit down with a book during the day, or not having to get up quite so early if I want to go for a run. I need to learn to rest well!

I have used the time to read, to finish off one crochet blanket and begin another, and to keep up my running.

A Finished Blanket

The children have filled their free time well over the week. We have had friends here to play, enjoyed some walks out together, and there has been quite a bit of baking.

My 9 year old made raspberry macaroons one day:

Raspberry Macaroons

My daughter made mini gem biscuits:

Grating Lemon Zest


Mini Gem Biscuits

I also took my two older boys to visit my grandparents this week. My 11 year old brought along his box of magic tricks and put on a show, while my 9 year old brought mini Victoria sponges that he'd made. The visit seemed to be enjoyed by all! I will take my younger two to visit next week, and the older boys were telling them how much fun they had, which was good to hear.

Today we had a home education group meeting. It was good to see friends and enjoy some activities together. We were focusing on Cuba, and made some wooden car pencil holders to reflect the interesting cars in Cuba.

Pencil Holder

We went for a muddy walk in the woods earlier in the week, and we are all enjoying the fact that it has been a little warmer.

In the Woods

Posing with some Fungus!

One or two of our bulbs have produced some flowers, and we are looking forward to Spring.

Signs of Spring

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