Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Reflections - 46

Last Sunday, we enjoyed our monthly church lunch. My 9 year old had asked if he could make cake for the occasion, and produced a very tasty chocolate layer cake. It was even gluten free!

Chocolate Layer Cake

Like many children, mine can be a bit wary of food that isn't quite what they are used to - especially when is is served away from home. This week, my two eldest both enjoyed the meal, though, and my younger two survived on rice, bread and salad (and pudding!).

This week has been unusual for us all as I have been away at a conference for the wives of those in church ministry. It was a refreshing and encouraging few days for me. I appreciate the time to rest, and particularly the opportunity to hear God's Word taught and applied.

Michael has been working hard at home while I have been away, teaching and feeding the children, as well as continuing with some church ministry around those responsibilities. Everything ran perfectly smoothly in my absence, though I was welcomed home with great enthusiasm which was really quite touching.

Today, once we had finished our work this morning, we met some friends at the Horniman Museum, which is a few minutes walk from our house. There is an exhibition called Robot Zoo at the moment, which has a number of large robot animals to look at, and plenty of hands on activities for the children. It was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Robot Zoo

A Robot Chameleon 

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