Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday Reflections - 47

This has been one of those weeks which doesn't quite go to plan. Nothing disastrous has happened, but extra visitors (some planned, some not, all welcome!), some extra church ministry stuff which both Michael and I have needed to be involved in, and a slightly injured knee from running have all come along at once.

My lists have not all be completed - but I am trying to accept that sometimes that's just fine!

Last Saturday I went to our local parkrun with a friend from church for the first time. I really enjoyed it, and ran faster than I hoped, which was satisfying. Unfortunately, I ended up with a painful knee after my next run, so I am resting it at the moment. It turns out that running 10K on a knee that hurts after the first 5 minutes is not a good idea.

The children have spent plenty of time outdoors this week. We have been very much enjoying the warmer weather for our walks. The guinea pigs have also been moved back into the outdoor hutch, which they seem to like, and this has meant that the children have already been spending lots of time in our garden so that they can see their pets.

Today we had our home education group. It is our final week in North America, and we were focusing on the USA. One family made a lovely presentation about New York, and also brought along New York themed food to eat. The cheesecake was especially popular with my children!

One of our crafts was making cookie dough maps of the states of the USA, some of which tuned out very well.

In spite of a fairly unpredictable week, we have still managed to have good days together - just not the days I planned!

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