Friday, 24 March 2017

Friday Reflections - 48

We've had one of those weeks where we don't manage everything that I planned for us to do - but we have been doing good stuff nonetheless.

We have had some enjoyable trips to the park. The children brought all their spades along to our local park one day. We also, unexpectedly,  ran into some other home educators who were meeting there, which was fun.

Michael's parents have come to visit us for a few days, so on Thursday the children completed a modest amount of book work, and spent most of the day cooking in preparation for their grandparents' visit. By the time they had finished, we had an impressive array of cakes to eat!


Lemon Gem Biscuits

Lime Macaroons

Making Bread

Today we went to visit the London Transport Museum, which was a popular choice. Since our tickets are valid for the year, I imagine we will visit a few times.

Dressing Up

Riding a Tram
The weekend ahead is looking pretty full - with Michael speaking at twice on Sunday. I'm leading Young Church too, and when we are both busy, Sunday mornings can be quite hectic. We've done all this before plenty of times, but it still feels a bit daunting looking ahead to a couple of days where there isn't much room for anything to go wrong! 

Of course, I can't plan or arrange everything. We are frail and finite, and when it looks like I have more to take on than I can manage, it is good to remember just how limited and fragile we are. 

How good it is to be able to rely on our God who does know the future, who is never taken by surprise, and who ordains all things for his purposes and glory. If, in my eyes, it all falls apart, I can trust that the Lord knows, cares, and is at work in the midst of it all.

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