Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday Reflections - 49

We've crammed so much in this week that it feels like a long time since last Friday. We've had sunny trips to the park, visits to friends, visits from friends, church meetings, running, and much else besides.

Last weekend, Michael and I managed to go out on our own together twice as Michael's parents were staying and kindly looked after the children for us. We did parkrun together on Saturday, and balanced this out with a trip out for tea and cake together a couple of days later.

There have been some gloriously sunny March days this week, and this has made our park trips especially pleasant.

A beautiful spring day.

Picking Daisies

We were also invited to a poetry tea by another family. The children each chose a poem to bring, and we had cookies and tea or juice while they were read out. This wasn't always as civilised as it sounds, but it was a lovely way to enjoy some poetry. Afterwards, the children played on the trampoline together - a good way to burn off some excess energy.

Today we enjoyed a special home education group meeting, as we were visited by Douglas Bond, an author of Christian books, both for adults and children. He spoke to us engagingly about writing and stories, read excerpts from some of his books, and answered questions. It was very enjoyable as well as instructive, and we have some more books for the children to read. I imagine I will enjoy reading them too!

My 9 Year Old with Douglas Bond

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