Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday Reflections - 50

Last Saturday we decided to make the most of the zoo membership that we have had this year by making a trip to Whipsnade Zoo. A family day out, and out of London, was good for us all. Our eldest enjoyed taking photographs, and our 9 year old brought his sketch book so that he could draw.

From butterflies to rhinos to red pandas, from elephants to wallabies to giraffes, it is always amazing to see the variety of creatures that God has made.

Drawing a Giraffe




Since most schools seem to have begun their Easter break this week, we have taken a rest too. We finished off some last pieces of their work on Monday, then on Tuesday the children made lapbooks to record some of the activities we have been doing about North America at our home education group. Now we are officially taking our Easter holiday.

North America Lapbooks

So far, this has meant one day of chores (interspersed with Lego building and other fun), a day out with friends to a park (with a duck race which the children took part in), and a trip to a chocolate museum with some other home educators.

9 Year Old Tree Climbing

7 Year Old in a Tree

Chocolate Hands!

We seem to have plenty planned for next week too! I am hoping to get some time to plan for next term, and maybe even get a bit ahead with my reading - we'll see how it goes.

Finally, we have begun our family countdown to Easter with our resurrection eggs. The children anticipate these each year, and it a lovely, simple way to remember the events of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Resurrection Eggs

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