Friday, 14 April 2017

Friday Reflections - 51

The children have been very much in need of a break this week, and though we have been out and about, they have enjoyed the chance to rest at home too. Most of us seem to have had a cold at some point this week, and have been pretty worn out, and my 9 year old has conjunctivitis. In addition, Michael managed to have another fall while running so has sore legs too.

Despite all this, we have had a good week. The children have been building Lego and puzzles, reading, playing games together and pottering about at home.

We've still been for a few walks, and had some fun trips out. My 9 year old went on a cookery course for a couple of hours (before he got conjunctivitis), which he paid for himself as he enjoyed the course he went on as Christmas present from us so much. He had a great time.

The archaeology club that the older boys attend had an extra family session, a trip to the Thames foreshore. We found lots of bits of pottery and animal bones, and learned about London's past as we looked at maps of the area from different stages of history.

Thames Foreshore

A Mosaic of the History of London

Today, Good Friday, we went to church together, and ate homemade hot cross buns. 

Hot Cross Buns

We have been opening our Resurrection Eggs each day, and reading and talking about Jesus' death and resurrection. 

Resurrection Eggs

In the midst of colds and illness, it has been good to look at the great salvation that Jesus has won for us. 

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