Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Reflections - 53

Michael has been away this week, which has made things a bit busier at home. He had an encouraging and helpful conference, though, and now the children are older - and less work and more able to help - it is not nearly so hectic as when he went away and I had a house full of toddlers and babies! Nonetheless, I will have to use the bank holiday weekend to catch up on a bit of reading and some of my home ed. related admin.

Although I have had less time to read, both my 7 year old and my 9 year old have finished the first level of their reading challenges this week. My 9 year old had already started the next level too, so he's a bit further on than his younger brother, but they are both doing well.

In a couple of weeks, my 7 year old will have his birthday, and his brothers and sister have had sudden inspiration for presents that they could make for him. My 11 year old has adapted a pattern he found on Pinterest to make a guinea pig out of mini-hama beads. My 9 year old and 5 year old have been working together to make a set of guinea pigs and their feeding bowl, tunnels etc. out of Fimo. My eldest is hoping to make a hutch to go with their little models - we'll see if it all comes together. I think they will be popular birthday presents!

Mini-hama Bead Guinea Pig

Fimo Guinea Pigs

They were also able to exercise their creativity at our home education group this afternoon. We have started our final term of activities based on each of the continents, and South America is our focus this term. We began in Brazil, with a series of Amazon rainforest inspired activities.

Pink Dolphin (Amazon River Dolphin) Craft

Dragonfly Pegs
Now Michael is back, we are looking forward to a weekend together. We have nothing in particular planned (though the boys did ask if we would pay them to wash the car, so I guess that may happen!) - so a quiet day tomorrow should be very pleasant.

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