Saturday, 6 May 2017

Friday Reflections - 54

We decided to make the most of a bonus family day on the bank holiday last Monday, and headed off for a walk along the Thames including a ride in the cable cars over the river. It didn't go quite as planned; one child was too scared to go on the cable cars so I took him under the river on the tube instead, then we got caught in a very heavy rain shower on a section of the path where there was nowhere to shelter. We don't normally mind rain, but we were less prepared than usual and it was a bit miserable for a few minutes! However, we still enjoyed most of our walk, and a trip to McDonald's on the way home warmed us and cheered us after we all got soaked.

A View from the Cable Cars

Smiles before the Rain

The rest of the week has been busy with our work, with a few walks and activities along the way. We have been in South and Central America for our history this week, and we had fun using the Mayan number system as part of this.

Mayan Numbers

One of our regular walks takes us through a small wood, which is an especially lovely place to walk at the moment.


Next week, we have our first birthday of the year when my 7 year old turns 8. He's anticipating his birthday with much excitement, including a request for pancakes for breakfast, and being allowed to help make his own cake. The other children have been working hard making presents for him, so we are all looking forward to the celebrations.

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