Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Reflections - 55

This week has meant the children enjoying some of their favourite activities - cooking, reading, park trips, and a birthday.

We began with our church lunch on Sunday, and my younger two decided to cook this time round. My daughter made chocolate orange cookies, while my youngest son made a lemon cheesecake.

Making Cookies

As well as our usual walks this week, we also met up with some friends in the park so that I could run with any of the children who were keen to do so. My 9 year old and 5 year old had a go as well as one of their friends - and we hope to try to run regularly together.

Our home education group met today, and we were looking at Peru. My youngest two were working together on a presentation, and they did a pretty good job. We did a little weaving, and made guinea pigs models out of fondant icing (so we could eat them!).

Simple Weaving

My 5 Year Old's Weaving

Edible Guinea Pigs

My 7 year old turned 8 this week. He has been so excited about his birthday this year - and he had a lovely day. Pancakes for breakfast, a dinosaur birthday cake, and a friend coming round for tea were highlights - as well as his presents, of course.

Opening the gift from his siblings - model guinea pigs in a hutch.

Birthday Boy and Birthday Lego

For me, of course, his birthday means remembering when he was born. My 8 year old was born on the day of my Grandad's funeral, which made for a very emotional day. I attended the funeral 6 days overdue in a difficult pregnancy (due to pelvic pain). I somehow dragged myself around on crutches while in early labour, then went home and had a baby later that evening! I'm glad I went, though.

My Grandad was a godly and kind man whose faith in Jesus was clearly central to his life, and remembering the day when my son was born reminds me of him; not so much of my sadness at his death, but all the good memories of his life. I especially remember going to stay with my Granny and Grandad a couple of times as a student when Cambridge life was a little overwhelming, and seeing for the first time the habit that my grandparents had of sitting and praying together for their children and grandchildren before turning in for the night. It was moving then, and is how I remember my Grandad now: quietly caring, godly, and faithful.

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