Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Reflections - 57

Last Saturday, as planned, I took my daughter to parkrun. It was hard work for her, but she kept on running for the whole 5km, and was delighted to have managed it. She's been counting down the days until the next run (tomorrow)!

Post-Running Photo

Beautiful sunshine, half term approaching, the summer holidays in sight; all this seems to make everything feel a little less fraught - some of the time. The children all seem to be at about the stage I'd like them to be at at this time of year, so we should be able to finish steadily rather than in a rush.

We've been in the garden more, and enjoyed our walks together.

Some Unusual Statues

Bubbles in the Rose Garden

More Statues...

Cuddles with the Guinea Pigs

Today we met for our home education group. We were looking at Chile, and we made bubble wands from copper wire since copper is the main export of Chile. A little tenuous, but great fun to make, and we had the perfect weather to try them out in the church garden at the end of our session. I was pleased that they worked!

Bubble Wands made from Copper Wire

Next week, we are swapping houses with some friends who live in the North East of England, so we eagerly anticipating a week away with all sorts of trips out planned. A break from routine and from lessons will be welcomed by us all.

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