Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Reflections - 59

This Friday evening, I am feeling a little bleary-eyed after a broken night following the election results. An atypical end to a week that has included a beautiful parkrun in Durham, a visit to a windmill in Brixton, and my daughter outrunning the police!

The election has been a frequent topic of conversation in our house (I've written here about engaging children in politics). The older two are fascinated, and have an increasing grasp of the nuances of politics. My 8 year old also enjoyed learning a little more about our democracy, and my 5 year old insisted on joining in our family election prediction competition although she doesn't properly understand what is going on yet. In fact, she won the competition as her haphazard guessing was more accurate than anyone else's considered prediction.

Predicting the results of the general election.

Our trip to Brixton Windmill was worthwhile. It is certainly an unexpected sight in a little London park. The children enjoyed climbing up to the top of the windmill and learning about how it worked in the past. They were also able to watch the electric mill in action, and also to try out milling by hand.

Brixton Windmill

Before we began our long journey south last Saturday, I took my daughter to the Durham parkrun, as she is so enthusiastic about running at the moment. It was fun to try a different course, and my 5 year old managed to run the whole distance again. Michael and the boys watched us and shouted encouragement. Some of the boys are keen to join us soon - but they want to build up to managing the whole 5km first.

Durham Parkrun

When I took the children running during the week, my 5 year old ran so far ahead of me on our 2 mile run (2 laps of the park) that some policemen thought she was unaccompanied and tried to catch up with her - but couldn't keep up! I know this because another police officer caught up with her on his bike and told me about it. To be fair, I was not far behind, and she was running to my friend who was waiting for her in the playground - but she has been told not to go so far ahead next time nonetheless...

She was unaware of all this until the end of her two mile run, is completely unfazed by it all - just thrilled that she outran everyone - and she was fast! More running tomorrow as she has been counting down the days until her next parkrun.

As often on a Friday, we had our home education group. We were looking at Ecuador, and the children completed crafts about the rainforest layers. We also had our book groups where, in addition to our usual activities, we distributed the science books which have been shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, for which our home education group is a judging panel. It was great fun last year, and there is already a lot of excitement about this year's books. My children are already asking if we can microwave marshmallows - and I'm sure that many more activities will be inspired by these excellent looking books.

Rainforest Picture

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