Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday Reflections - 60

We're nearly there - a week into the final half term of the year, and we are all anticipating the summer holidays eagerly. There is a mixture of wanting to push ahead to get the final pages of our work finished up, and a general tiredness which means that we need to take things a bit more slowly. Happily, we are well on track to finish on time, so there is a little bit of space for me to lighten the load if I think we need it.

I decided that we could manage well enough this week if we had an easier Monday. I scheduled nothing except history, art, and swimming lessons. We also went for a walk (including some trampolining on an abandoned mattress), and did some educational cooking at the childrens' request.

Running up the hill via a mattress.

My daughter helped make these egg-men in bread, which are supposed to represent God giving his people a home, from our bake-through-the Bible cookbook - which has been a bit neglected recently. A quiet day was a good opportunity to pick it up again.

My 9 year old asked if he could do an activity from one of the science books that has been shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, which they are reading through as our home education group is one of the judging panels again this year. He chose to make a baked Alaska - which was great fun as well as a good opportunity to talk about science!

Baked Alaska

It worked! Ice cream still frozen.

It also tasted good!

We took the afternoon to complete an art lesson, drawing fish using a video from ArtAchieve.

After a more restful Monday than usual, we continued our week with our normal routine lessons. Highlights included making a sundial in the garden for science. It's perfect weather for it, and it worked really well.

My 8 year old building a sundial.

Next week will include a 10th birthday, and, according to the weather forecast, some hot days. I will adjust plans accordingly!

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