Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday Reflections - 61

Last Sunday we celebrated Fathers' Day in a low key way with homemade gifts for Michael from the children. The children have spotted his love of tea, so the younger 3 decorated mugs for him - mainly with pictures of cups of tea. My 8 year old kindly drew a picture of a cup of tea pouring forth maths questions; he knows his dad well. My 11 year old carefully illustrated some new bookmarks with pictures from Dr Who - a shared interest.

Fathers' Day Gifts

Further celebrations happened on Monday when my second son turned 10. He's such a lovely boy, and he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday. All he wanted to do was make his own cake and have a couple of friends round to share it with. Since the weather was so hot, we had the paddling pool out and the children spent most of the day in it (we don't usually work on birthdays!).


A Surprise on the Inside

Actually, they were in the paddling pool most days this week, and had a number of water fights- one of their favourite summer activities.

Water Fight

Today I took 3 of the children to our home education group, which this week was a picnic in the park. Most of the time the children played in the playground (or, more often, the bushes nearby), but we did meet in our book groups briefly to read some poetry and talk a bit about our books for the term.

My 10 year old has headed off to stay with his best friend for the weekend - a special birthday treat for both boys. He was incredibly excited, and has spent quite a while in the kitchen making lime macaroons to take with him! I'm sure he will have a lovely time.

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