Friday, 30 June 2017

Friday Reflections - 62

We've had a fairly ordinary, steady week, which we need as we finish off all our work before the summer holidays begin. We are well on track, with some subjects already completed for the year, and with the end very much in sight for the others. 

We went on a nature walk earlier in the week, and looked for honey bees to draw and to examine. Our local museum has a hive in a glass case that you can observe, which was perfect for our studies. We spent some time outside watching and drawing the bees before popping inside the museum to look at the hive. It's great to have this resource a ten minute walk away!

We also took some time one afternoon to complete an art lesson. This week, the children were drawing elephants.

On Wednesday, I took three of our children running round the park, along with two of their friends. It was a particularly successful week, with 4 of the children managing 3 laps of the park, which is 3 miles - a first for most of them. They were all very tired afterwards!

This means that my 8 year old is planning to come along to parkrun with his sister tomorrow - which he is very excited about.

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