Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday Reflections - 63

Last Saturday, my 8 year old ran his first parkrun. He has been inspired by his sister, and was very excited to go for the first time. My husband kindly ran with him and our 5 year old so that I could run quickly, which was fun for me. After I had finished, I met the children near the end of their final lap so that our daughter could sprint to the end while I ran with our 8 year old. Both my daughter and I managed our fastest runs yet, which was very satisfying.

Tired After Running!

At the moment, our aim is to finish as much as possible by next Friday, so we are pushing on through the final pages of the books. Some have finished up some subjects, others still have a bit more to do - but we are on track. I am as keen as the children for our summer break to begin - we are really ready for a few weeks off!

In the midst of all the work, my eldest has been making cardboard weapons for all the children, with a bit of help from his siblings at times. It's been a lot of fun!


Lots of Weapons

Today we had our final home education group of term, and of the year. It's been good - but a break for the summer is nonetheless welcome!

Today we did our final South America session, making cookie dough maps and planting rainforests in jars (we'll see if they actually grow!).

South America

Rainforest in a Jar

This was also our final session focusing on different countries in the world as South America was the last continent left to cover. We have plans for next year, but they will need quite a bit of work before we are able to implement them!

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