Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Reflections - 64

The highlight of the week for us was our visit to the Summer Science Exhibition, hosted by the Royal Society. We spent much of Saturday there, and the children had a fantastic time.

One of the exhibits was about imaging the heart, and the children enjoyed holding beating "hearts" which beat in time to their own heart beats.

Here is my daughter having her turn:

We looked at fluorescent coral, tried out a HoloLens (augmented reality), looked at models of molecular cages, and learned about Mars - and many other things too.

Wearing a HoloLens

Some of what we collected.

After such a fun Saturday, the rest of the week has been fairly ordinary as we have been determined to get all our work done so that we could get to the end of all our books by the end of today, and earn an extra week of summer holiday. We did it! Everyone worked hard, though some had more to finish than others.

I am pretty tired, but the planning for next year is already underway. Over the weekend, I plan to write my list of jobs for the summer - both household and home education related tasks. It may be a few days before I have the energy to actually start the jobs though - but at least I'll have some lists!

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