Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Year 2 Plan

My 6 year old would be going into Year 2 if she were in school. In reality, I plan the work based on what I think she is ready for, not on which year group she should be in (which I frequently forget!).

Having said that, here is the plan for the curriculum that I plan to use for her in the coming year. I have written here in more detail about the resources that I use for my primary aged children.


Bible Time. I will continue working through the Bible with her, along with her 8 year old brother.

She will also be using XTB Bible notes.

In addition, we will have family devotions led by Michael over breakfast, and also read a chapter of the Bible to her every evening.

(See here for more about how we teach the Bible to our children, and here for how we read through the whole Bible with each of our children.)


All About Reading Level 3
All About Spelling, Level 2
Writing With Ease 1

I have written about All About Reading and All About Spelling here.


Singapore Maths 2A
Mental Maths
Maths Whizz


The Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times

(I have written about this curriculum here)


An art project once a week (sometimes as part of our history programme).
We plan to use lessons from ArtAchieve for at least some weeks.


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Vol.1 (I've written about this here.)
Exploring Nature with Children

We will also have a science theme each week at our home education group.

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