Friday, 27 October 2017

Friday Reflections - 76

Although it is half term for many, since we will be on holiday in a couple of weeks, we have not taken a break. Nonetheless, this week has not fallen into the usual pattern as we have spent most of the time focusing on the Reformation (broadly following the plans that I made earlier in the term).

I have spent a lot of time reading aloud to the children while they have been completing some lovely colouring pages. 

They have all enjoyed the extended reading time, and we've had some great discussions along the way.

In addition, each child has taken a different figure from the Reformation to learn about. They have each been hard at work retelling the story of their individual - in different ways. They should complete their work on these projects next week.

My 8 year old has started work on a stop motion film about William Tyndale.

Of course, my 6 year old then decided that she also wanted to make a stop motion film. She's been getting her Lego characters together for a re-telling of Katie Luther's story.

My 12 year old is working on a comic book style version of the life of Martin Luther.

John Calvin is the subject of my 10 year old's study. He's gathered extensive notes, and is planning to make some sort of presentation to tell his story.

I've been really pleased at how hard they have all worked on their projects - and how much they have learned to tell me about from their reading. Hopefully their enthusiasm will continue into next week!

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