Friday, 12 January 2018

Friday Reflections - 84

Term has begun again in earnest, and I think we have now just about readjusted!

After a relaxing break over the Christmas holidays, it is satisfying to get the books out again and crack on. Although it always takes a day or two for everyone to warm up their skills once more, it feels like we're getting back in the swing of work again.

In addition to the normal book work beginning again, we are also having the ceiling fixed in our spare room. This necessary work precipitated a discussion about our children's bedrooms, and we have decided to move our eldest into his own room. Three boys sharing a room has worked fine up to now, but they are all getting bigger and could do with some more space.

Since the ceiling is being painted, and all the furniture is out of the room, we are going to paint it before he moves in.We don't have any spare time for decorating, so it will probably take a week or two for us to finish the painting, though. In the mean time, my eldest has been decorating tiles with a Doctor Who theme for us to use on the front of the boarded over fireplace.

We finished up our week with our home education group. We were studying Digestion and Healthy Eating. The group I run made a rough model of a digestion system, and we "digested" banana and a biscuit. It was very messy, but fun! We also made some healthy snacks to eat.

Next week will be more of the same - painting, working, trying to stay on top of it all!

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