Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday Reflections - 88

Our home education group met today, and we were studying the topic of water. It's a broad subject, so it was a bit difficult to know where to focus for my group of 7-9 year olds. In the end, we learned about the water cycle together, and the children made a simple craft to illustrate this concept. We also had a go at making a cloud in a jar (warm water in a jar, ice in a lid on top for a few seconds, remove the lid and add a little hairspray before replacing the ice) :

Cloud in a Jar

It was slightly easier to see once we took the lid off and released our "cloud".

Escaping Cloud

We also made a filter in a plastic bottle, and used it to clean up some muddy water that I brought along with me. We put filter paper over the end of the bottle, then the children took turns to add layers: cotton wool, sand, small stones, and larger stones.

Muddy Water

The water looked pretty clear once it came through (though I wouldn't let the children drink it when they asked!):

Clean Water!

Otherwise, the week has been full of our usual learning activities. My eldest is still particularly enjoying chemistry, especially when he has to heat anything in a test tube (frequently!), so that's fun. My 8 year old has been really enjoying his maths this week ("sorry, Mummy, I got a bit carried away with Beast Academy..."), while my 10 year old probably rates baking sessions as the best bits of the week. My daughter is loving to read more and more, and has had fun times with her friends too.

My younger two decided to make a reading nest one day.

I'm finding it a bit of a slog at the moment, so it's good to look back over the week and see the good bits (of which there are plenty!). I feel pretty busy, and that I have lots of different things to keep organised too, but I am managing to keep up my running. I ran a long run last Monday, and even though I was a bit jittery about the 14 miles I had planned, it was a beautiful morning, with crisp clear skies, and a tiny fluttering of snow - well worth getting out for.

I'm still doing a bit of crochet too, and some reading (part two of a biography of Margaret Thatcher at the moment).

My current crochet blanket project.

It would be easy to decide I don't have time for these things, but it makes a big difference to me if I can keep up a few things other than just surviving another hectic week of home education and housework.

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