Saturday, 17 March 2018

Friday Reflections - 92

After a few days away at a conference last week, I have used this week to make sure that we try to have a full run of fairly ordinary work days. All the children are pretty diligent most of time, so we have managed to get quite a bit done. It's been particularly encouraging to notice where they are making progress. My daughter's reading has really taken off recently, and although I am teaching her it still takes me by surprise when I hear her reading aloud.

We are still working on our periodic table together, and learning the elements.

My eldest did some more chemistry too: heating a salt solution until the water had evaporated and the salt remained.

My 10 year old also volunteered to cook for our home group meal. The food needed to be vegan, and he made some delicious lentil and tomato soup, and also some vegan flapjacks. He needed some supervision, and occasional advice or help, but he did a great job.

Friday afternoon meant more science as our home education group met again. We were looking at the topic of eyes. My group looked at a model eye, and talked about colour blindness among other activities. It was our last ordinary meeting of the term (we have a trip out next week). We will need to start planning for the summer term soon!

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