Friday, 18 May 2018

Friday Reflections - 98

On Monday this week, we attended my Grandad's funeral together. Although there were many tears, we also remembered together the lively and vibrant man that my Grandad was - full of jokes and humour. It was good to be with family and share those memories together.

Our home education group met today. We had a session learning about fungus, which turned out to be an interesting topic. We made bread rolls together to start with, prepared some kits for growing our own mushrooms, learned about why fungi are classed as neither plants nor animals, and discussed the uses of fungi. My daughter is an aspiring mycologist, so she was particularly thrilled to give a short presentation as part of our session.

Mushroom Spores

My children are very keen on their cooking and baking at the moment, so most days I have at least one request to do some cooking! My 9 year old has always particularly enjoyed baking bread, and we gave him a bread cookery book for his birthday. He made Fancy French Bread from his book earlier in the week.

Fancy French Bread

A highlight for my middle two children was a visit to the London Mithraeum, the remains of a Roman temple to Mithras. This would be exciting enough, but there was also a short (and very engaging) talk about the cult of Mithras given by Caroline Lawrence, author of the Roman Mysteries and the Roman Quest stories - books that my children have really loved.

Caroling Lawrence and my 9 Year Old

Temple of Mithras

Finally, we were also very pleased to have our first frog from our batch of tadpoles! It has been released back into the wild now. There are a number of froglets too, so we will hopefully have plenty more frogs soon.

Our First Frog

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